VOICE 1156 Q&A WITH Spenser Little
Interview conducted by Noah Spahn

Voice 1156: Spenser, what was your impression of the two opening nights for your showing at Voice1156?
SL: Etiquette and tact are lost art forms, like bare horseback riding and fine penmanship. The night before the opening I was installing the show at the gallery and the Voice staff was having a team meeting. I got to listen to them hash out their problems in a group forum. They discussed the need for sponsors, security at openings and interpersonal respect issues between the staff. Until I overheard the emotional outbursts and passionate rebuttals of the staff I felt that this was not the gallery for me. It is nice to see creative moxie outweigh artistic ego, even if for just a brief glimpse, the Voice gallery is a good thing to have in this town.

Voice1156: I know that you have very ambitious goals regarding art and your future: what are your current pursuits?
SL: Iím currently talking to latex manufactures in Mexico about building G.W.Bush blow up dolls that you could have your way with. "Sick of being screwed by the American government? Well, now itís your turn" will be the catch phrase on the box. It is my life goal to create products that are designs to invoke thought and positive change. If you havenít noticed lately, the world has been in a downward spiral that seems almost certain to crash even more horribly than planes into tall buildings, yet American citizens sit placidly and consume their bottle fed lives. I find the awareness of the average American citizen painfully appalling. There have been radical anti-corporate government groups going strong since the long hairs had their moment in the sixties: Protesting, handing out pamphlets, causing public ruckus and all that is fine and dandy but I believe those tactics of protest do absolutely nothing for long term change. You can gather on street corners and scream till the cows come home about the atrocities our government is committing for the sake of oil and Danny tight jeans and Cindy new shoes will laugh at you as they farfunuggin their way to Ikea, people donít care about the horrible truths; they just want to keep consuming, living their comfortable lives at the expense of others misery; that is the American way; the American dream was founded on streets of gold with gutters overflowing rivers of poor peopleís pain. Thatís what the "Five Dollar Bum Smile" series was all about, drawing an emotional connection to the piece before the observer even knew what it was, then realizing this was a real portrait of someone living on the streets in their own town; staring into the eyes of the failures free enterprise has created. True evolution is building a global society where everyone gets to eat. Even the Incas knew that. It may seem like a joke to manufacture blow up dolls of the president with positive political change in mind but I imagine consumers being attracted to the novelty of it, thinking itís funny; it is funny to think of hypothetically ass raping that evil man. Adulterating the already out of control extreme enterprise system that already manipulates our minds to possibly sway people blindly into awareness might work, like Sesame Street for adults, kindly giving you subliminal pointers. The street art movement is mostly about bringing attention to what is not working well for people. Now I feel the next step is to give people something tangible to think about, something other than just planting esoteric theory on the back of street signs, a product you can take home and show your friends as a Ďlook what I got, isnít this funnyí but has real underlying meaning. People like nick-knacks. If it doesnít work Iíll always have my voodoo dolls as a means of controling people of low moral character.

Voice1156: In the past you have been known to leave wire sculptures behind for others to find; what are your reasons for doing that?
SL: If I have to tell anyone why there is a need for positive graffiti then weíre totally screwed.

Voice1156: During our recent conversation I got the impression that your work is an overflow of your ideological fervor, your passion seems unwavering- what are your sentiments about the Ďart worldí, and why do you make art?
SL: It begins by flirting with the thought, flashing coy smiles back and forth with the idea, twisting things around in my fingers till they bind. Once they're secure I move further down the line and begin to twist again, pressure and patience are my only allies. Nothing holds form forever, not even bronze, and your caring will only last as long as your final breath, give birth with your hands and dance in your waiting, selfish mine-fields only work when you know who you dislike in the future and their location, it's too much to worry about, so for-go traps and just breathe for now as your caring is counting every inhale from here on out, but exhales too as well on its way to meeting your doubt half way somewhere in the dark middle, there, is the source of our birth, where our hands blindly fumble to pull out sense of the creation machine, a brief flash of meaning in a seemingly otherwise meaningless world. Art is made with the intention to enlighten but often times it just provokes oneís own ego to emerge.

Voice1156: Where will we be seeing you in the near future? (Any future art shows/events?)
SL: I will be showing a few bits and pieces of work at the up-coming ĎThreadsí show at the old wonder bread factory downtown, I think itís September tenth; other than that I have no certain plans for shows, but of course you can always check me out dirtyclean.net.