Interview conducted by Noah Spahn

Voice 1156: I know that you remained in San Diego for a little while after the opening night at Voice 1156, doing tattoos in the area; how was your stay?
MG: I had a great time working with the guys at Guru Tattoo in Pacfic Beach. Got to do some fun tattoos. I'll definitely do another guest spot there in the future.

Voice1156: Changing locations is a major move for anyone; especially an artist whose art is a part of his environment, and essentially: his identity. What can you tell us about your moving around (Albuquerque, San Francisco and your visit to rural France)?
MG: I had a great time in the Bay area for about 10 years. At a certain point I got tired of working so hard to pay my bills, and feeling like it just wasn't worth it anymore. I feel like there's lots of great stuff to do in the Bay Area, and as time went on I felt like I wasn't taking advantage of the cultural opportunties there. So, why be there? In looking at places to check out, France was an option. I love France. I'm going back this summer. My original intent when I first went there in 2003 was to stay. But it didn't work out, and I decided to return to my hometown of Albuquerque. Since I've been back here I've been quite happy. There's very few distractions here, so I get a lot done. It's really great being near my family, and it's super cheap to live here. And since I'm saving so much money in rent and bills by living here, I can travel even more than usual.

Voice1156: As an artist, do you feel more or less independent of your environs? What role does autonomy play in the life of an artist?
MG: I believe that everything is interconnected, so it's impossible to be truly independent. I'm certainly influenced by everything around me, and I have a choice as far as what I surround myself with. In the end though, when I'm making art I find solace in the personal focus that artistic concentration offers.

voice1156: What has prompted your return to school, and how do you view formal art education as it relates to the artist?
MG: Well, I was planning on going back to school, but I haven't. I put it on hold because my art career is really jumping off right now. I'll go back to school when things cool down a bit. I'd like to teach art at the university level someday, so I need a master's degree. That's my primary motivation to got to school. I'd love to have some knowledge of other mediums too. I feel pretty limited in my approach to making art.

voice1156: Can you share any stories from your earlier days of graffiti?
MG: I've got too many stories, and they only seem appropriate to talk about when I'm drunk with my old graffiti friends.

voice1156: What are some changes that you have observed in the Graffiti scene?
MG: Not much really. It's still about getting your name up as much as possible, evading the police, and creating a unique style.