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Neko’s paintings are larger than life; even the ballroom at UCSD could not shadow the grandeur of his pieces. Rich earth tones, roughly textured canvases and geometric shapes complement a dark mixture of abstract characters and temperamental lines. Neko’s aggravated passion for painting reveals his inner agitation that his surroundings have brought to him.

Observing San Diego lifestyle and absorbing personalities around him, Neko is a self-taught artist who grew up in Golden Hill, moved to East County then back to Golden Hill.  His many encounters with weak women with low self-esteem, drugs, and dirty money are his subjects.  He is also known for his characters affectionately called “sluts”.  When Neko isn’t painting he works construction, builds furniture, and occasionally likes to dip a toe in the sand at the beach.

Artist Statement:
I've made art my ritual, my life. While painting, I discover meaning and truth, a personal exploration of myself, my surroundings, and the interaction between the internal, the rational and the emotional.

Understood 1,2,3 -- Fundraiser for T.A.R.P. -- San Diego, CA -- Aug. 2001-2003
Concrete Bliss -- Fundraiser: Washington Street Skate Park -- San Diego, CA -- 2002
Modest Behavior 1&2 -- Downtown -- San Diego, CA -- June 2000 & Dec 2001
Sinner’s Ball -- Downtown -- San Diego, CA -- Sept. 2002
Art Show by Neko -- Inrnrg -- San Diego, CA -- May 2000
Neko & Peep’s Show -- Inrnrg -- San Diego, CA -- Sept.2002
Neko’s Art show -- UCSD Ballrooms -- San Diego, CA -- May2003
We Live Here Too -- Sponsored by L.R.G. -- San Diego, CA -- 2004
Benefit for District 3 -- San Diego, CA -- 2004