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Artist Statement:
For the past 8 years the bay area has been home to Chris Duncan. Duncan, an east coast transplant, has been steadily making artwork revolving around color, process, life, death and birds. He is also very interested in contributing to the arts community. He has also co-curated several large group exhibitions with juice design, is co-founder of keepsake society (an Oakland based art collective), is one half of the publishing team which releases a 10 issue art zine called "hot and cold", and recently curated and participated in an art tour/exhibition titled "Heartswork", which consisted of a drive across country by 3 artists to project spaces in North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, with the show ending in San Jose, California. Chris currently lives in Oakland and received his BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts.

“LIFE AND DEATH” -- 111 Minna Gallery -- San Francisco, CA
“KEEP A BREAST” -- Modart 2004 Breast Cancer Benefit -- France
“STREET SHEET BENEFIT” -- SoMarts Gallery -- San Francisco, CA
“ADOBE BOOKS” -- San Francisco, CA
“COLLECTORS EDITION” -- Triple Base -- San Francisco, CA
“BOOKS!AWESOME!” -- Mimi Barr -- San Francisco, CA
“PORTRAIT SHOW” -- Needles and Pens -- San Francisco, CA
“HEARTSWORK” -- Lump Gallery -- Raleigh, N.C.
Covivant gallery -- Tampa, Florida
Space 1026 -- Philadelphia, PA
Anno Domini -- San Jose, California
“HOT AND COLD” -- Needles and Pens -- San Francisco, CA
“HOT AND COLD” -- Mama Buzz -- Oakland, CA
“MARKET EAST MEETS WEST” -- Camp Fig. -- Austin Texas



Artist Statement:
Paul Urich is an artist working in San Francisco. His work is an expression of emotions, and beliefs revolving around family, life and death. Paul has a BFA from New College of California.

"Heartswork" Traveling show -- Covivant Gallery -- Tampa, FL -- Feb. 2004
"Heartswork” Traveling show -- Lump Gallery -- Raleigh, NC -- Feb. 2004
"Heartswork” Traveling show -- Space 1026 -- Philadelphia, PA -- March 2004
"The Book Show" -- Mimi Bar -- San Francisco, CA -- March 2004
"May the Circle Be Unbroken" -- Anno Domini -- San Jose, CA -- June 2004
"Get Your War Off" -- Culture Cafe Gallery -- San Francisco, CA -- July 2004
"Life and Death" -- 111 Minna Gallery -- San Francisco, CA -- Sep. 2004
"Silent Auction" -- Adobe Books -- San Francisco, CA -- Oct. 2004
"Eight Rows Deep" -- Juice Design -- San Francisco, CA -- Oct. 2004
"Groupo" -- Juice Design -- San Francisco, CA -- April 2003
"The Post Card Show" -- Southern Exposure -- San Francisco, CA -- June 2003
"Clear Light" -- Anno Domini -- San Jose, CA -- July 2003
"Recess" -- Butterfly -- San Francisco, CA -- Aug. 2003
"Get Arty" -- Zip Zap Salon -- San Francisco, CA -- Dec. 2003

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