Topsy Turvy

May 6 - May 27
New work by Thatkidpeep and Chandu Reading (Recycle)
Opening reception Friday May 6th 2005
4:00pm - 11:00pm

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Born and raised in North Carolina. I left in 98’ to explore and ended up landing myself in San Diego, CA where I have continued to live for the past 6 years. Started drawing at a very young age, that being a constant reason to hang out inside my imagination; a place that still to this day is the most comfortable environment I know. Encouraged by family, friends, and strangers to continue with what was appearing to naturally grasp my attention and bring me a certain happiness…years go by and now it’s all I truly know or want!I am always wondering about this or thinking about that and maybe my works reflect that, but change is constant...just enjoy the ride. The more I am asked to explain my work the more I don’t want to. You go explaining things to someone and right away you limit their ability to think for themselves. The one thing I do try to maintain is a since of humor. Even if the subject of what I create isn’t positive, there’s a good chance that the feeling obtained; if any, will be. Other than that I’m open to whatever. I have never been schooled in arts through means of an institution,only thru my own curiosity and appreciation for a talent that I was given.

Inspired by relationships with others, music, travel, culture, surroundings, what’s inside of me looking for an outlet, opportunity, ups and downs,….….simply or not so….life.

I have shown and been fortunate enough to sell my work from east to west coast and even islands in the Caribbean. I aim to spread my work out as much as possible thus allowing me another opportunity to travel, see new places, meet new faces, and search out new inspirations so that I may continuously feed the fire! Stay tuned….

“Understood Board Show” #’s 1,2,3 Fundraiser for T.A.R.P. -- San Diego, CA -- Aug. 2001-2003
“Neko and thatkidpeep!” -- San Diego, CA -- Sept. 2002
“Sinner’s Ball” -- Downtown San Diego, CA -- Sept. 2002
“Concrete Bliss” benefit for the Washington St. Skatepark -- San Diego, CA -- Oct. 2002
“DoTheMath Collective” -- San Diego, CA -- 2003
“thatkidpeep!” -- Winston-Salem, NC -- Dec. 2003
“thatkidpeep!” -- Aguadilla, Puerto Rico -- Summer 2003/2004
“El’ Groupo Show” -- San Diego, CA -- Feb. 2004
“Statement #1” -- San Diego, CA -- Dec. 2004

Dayne Brummet (Pro Model graphic) for Premium Skateboards
Custom Board Art (Mankine Surfboards)
Numerous Murals (interior/exterior)


AGE: 27
Wife, 2 kids
Born and raised in San Diego

Started “Do The Math” in 2000, a poster, sticker campaign that has made its way from San Diego to Egypt and everyplace in between.

Installation work featured in stencil books, magazines and local news

Featured artist on and 12/oz

Featured artist in hand painted font book with Dave Kinsey, Tokeon Magazine with Shepard Fairey and a boatload of other junk, but more important than that is the future.




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