True Tales from Beyond the Cosmos

June 3-24
Sergio Hernandez
Opening reception Friday June 3rd 2005
4:00pm - 11:00pm

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I was born in 1978 in San Diego California. I was the first American citizen in my family, which at last count was a crowd of well over 100 people. I have many memories of visiting my family in Tijuana. I started drawing because my mom would take us to church sometimes up to three times a week. I would hide a folded piece of paper in my bible so that I could sneak in some drawing during the sermon because I couldn't convince my mom that I could listen and doodle at the same time. In 1992, we were living in this nice trailer park and my neighbor introduced me to the graffiti subculture. Since then I've dedicated hundreds of hours into being good at graff and having fun. The paintings in this show are pieces of stories that have been told, witnessed, or channeled from beyond space and time.

“Modest Behavior 3” -- 838 G San Diego, CA -- June 2001
“ArtScape 02” -- Baltimore, MD -- July 2002
“Long Drive South...” -- Los Angeles, CA -- Dec. 2002
“Second Wind” -- The Salon-San Diego, CA -- Feb. 2003
“The Art Station” -- Whistle Stop- San Diego, CA -- March 2003
“The Cannibal Flower” -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 2003
“Up our Sleeve” -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 2003
“Tonic” -- Kirkpatrick Galleries -- July 2003
“Easy Rehab” -- Tijuana, Mexico -- Aug. 2003
“Workhorse Collective” -- UNUN- San Diego, CA -- Sept. 2003
“Understood” -- San Diego, CA -- Oct. 2003
“What's your 20?” -- Impero Media Gallery -- Dec. 2003
“Small Works” -- The Muse Gallery- San Diego, CA -- Nov. 2003
“Poor Al and Surge...” -- Off the Tracks -- Dec. 2003
“The Year of the Monkey” -- BGC -- March 2004
“The Seven Show” -- Seven Seas- San Diego, CA -- March 2004
“Scenario” -- District 3- San Diego, CA -- March 2004
“Workhorse” -- YoungBlood Gallery- Atlanta, GA -- April 2004
“Nothing New Under the Sun” -- Flagship- San Diego, CA -- April 2004
“Art Throb” -- BlueSpace -- Sept.2004


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