July 1-22
New work by Arthur Was Here, *_N02, and Dirty Clean
aka Rey Arturo Gregorio, Troy Gurling, and Spenser Little
Opening reception Friday July 1st 2005
4:00pm - 11:00pm

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Three emerging San Diego artists present:"Browbeaten." Installations and prints an amalgamation of work circled around the loose term "Browbeaten" Cultural, political, religious, socio economic liaisons caught clean inside a white space for all to witness

Arthur Was Here (aka Rey Arturo Gregorio)

Rey Arturo Patricio Gregorio was born in the spring of 1975. Growing up skating led him to have a few stints as a graphic designer in the skateboard industry. After becoming disillusioned with working under pro skaters he had once admired he began work as a visual stylist and reserves design projects that interests him under the Arthur Was Here Label. A genuine sense of playfulness pervades most of Rey's work. He was admitted to Calarts with a portfolio based solely of paintings, only to find out that they no longer offered any painting courses. Adjusting to the school's avant guard approach to art, Rey dealt the hand he was given and received many beatings in 'Crit' (Art Theory & Critique). Rey took a shift toward multi media conceptual projects, yet still maintained a healthy playful attitude of a prankster. Often antagonizing the schools security staff as well as pushing the schools statute of limitations, and all under the protective blanket of art. In his work you can see some of his major influences; the innovative "art as documentation" style of Marco Rodrigues, the installations and minimalist performance art of Charles Ray, the conceptual idealism of Mike Kelly, as well as the pen and ink illustrations of Raymond Pettibone. Toeing the line between concept and punch line he often mocks the neo post modernism that he also embraces. Rey's art is in constant flux. He is an Anti-ism-ist. The birth of his new baby girl has made him believe in "love at first sight." Rey Arturo lives and works in San Diego with his beautiful wife Heather Anne Church. They have one beautiful baby daughter and two cats.

I am from United States
I am a consumer
I am a Carter baby
I am a child
I am a man
I am almost middle aged
I am twelve
I read comics
I skate
I don't skate as much as I use to, and there's a little sadness in that.
I don't use deodorant
I go commando in the summertime
I sweat
I wash
I am more human then anything else
I sometimes forget to cut my nails
I paint on occasion
I believe anyone can draw
I believe in mind over matter- all will and no skill
I am a carnivore by nature
I am compassionate
I have two cats
I have a daughter
I have a wife
I rent
I park far away so I can walk
I like my back pocket full
I like stickers
I make stickers
I print
I appropriate
I arrange
I am messy
I leave my mark
I have a signature
I have a handstyle
I have stamp
I make piles of things
I find things and tend to hold on to them
I like stuff
I hate having stuff
I am a Minimalist
I believe in Dada
I believe in arbitrary solutions
I believe in the hobby horse
I believe in toys
I am a toy
I believe that this world is imperfect and wonderful
I believe war is archaic
I believe art is conceptual, as with beauty.
I am not a robot


*_n02 (aka Troy Gurling)

*_n02's pledge of arbitrary discretion

Once a flagellin always a flagellin, a whipping boy at best. Imagine floating around in a reproductive sack- a classic outcome of boy meets girl, and you might get the idea.

Troy Gurling popped his tiny spud head out of his mothers yahoo in the dawning of 1975, two weeks and two days past to be exact. Troy recalls his first memory as floating around in water. Mother and baby Swim program perhaps? Or the gentle waves of the Ocean Pacific? A single fin egg is his homage to that memory. Like a hermit crab, he has a hard shell that protects his soft delicate inner side, and if you look carefully, at the right moment, you will see his simple non-cluttered self changing into a new shell. A scavenger by nature, he brings artifacts back to his layer, a true hermit. Having a terrible affliction to Bruce Banners alter ego, and possibly Curious George as well, Troy's super human monkey fetish has etched a firm place in his head and on his shelves. He is a grandmaster of the hot glue gun and once served out a metal smiths apprenticeship at Deform metal works. Troy's abilities parallel a spider monkey that may never write the complete works of Shakespeare, given that some guy named William wrote it first. Troy is the ambassador of the arbitrary. He carries a non de plume that reads *_n02 (#2). Vague and not yet obsolete, this spud boy is still in search of his real tomato, a perfect candidate for the next cloning of General Boy.

-old four eyes.


Dirty Clean (aka Spenser Little)

We are all in a constant state of dirtyclean.

Testimony of dirtyclean believer Spenser Little;
I sail on a stable kilter. I bend wire. Making things is the answer to life. Some people strive to make money; that is their answer. Others just want to find their partner or their Walt Disney prince charming sleeping beauty soul mate and make children. Once they've found their partner and make children with them, they then make the children believe what they believe; that is their answer. Sometimes people try to make other people besides their children believe what they believe; some people even go door to door trying to push what they believe on to complete strangers; that is their answer. I like to make things; that is what I believe. creating is a big responsibility. you don't want to bring something into this world that is too obtrusive, there are enough annoying things. I try my best to raise my creations to be proper and compelling. I have no formal training or schooling in any medium, so any achievement to bringing anything of some sort of worth into this world is all my own accord.

Jesus washes your soul like laundry but dirtyclean just wants you to be happy.


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