Under These Circumstances

February 4 - February 24
Group show featuring the works of Josh Cochran, Ben Horton, Pamela Jaeger, and Brendan Monroe.
Opening Reception Friday February 4th 2005
4:00pm - 11:00pm

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Josh was raised in Taiwan where he spent most of his time reading comic books and Hardy Boy detective novels. His artwork presents a visual experience based in graphic fiction and visceral memories. Currently living in Los Angeles, Josh works as a freelance illustrator. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, fishing and going to the Korean supermarket.

Select Solo Exhibitions:
"Xmas Group Show" -- Uno, Los Angeles, CA -- December 2004
“Group Show” -- Hanger 18, Los Angeles, CA -- November 2004
"Never Had a Tree House" -- Timbre Space, Los Angeles, CA -- September 2004
"Fish Out of Water" -- Uno, Los Angeles, CA -- August 2004
“Group Show” -- Angel City, West Hollywood, CA -- April 2004
Art Center Gallery, Pasadena, CA -- Spring-Summer 2003



I have been drawing all my life and painting for about ten years. Lately I've been using acrylics, house paints, stain, spray paint and pencil on paper, wood and canvas. I live in East County, with my wife, two sons, three cats, one dog and a fish.

“Uncommon Art Show” -- Premise Intelligence Agency, San Diego, CA -- Oct 2004
Powells Books, Portland, OR -- Oct 2004
“Scenario” -- District 3, San Diego, CA -- March 2004
“ANP Art Show” -- RVCA, Costa Mesa, CA -- Jan 2004
“Metronome” -- Vine, Los Angeles, CA -- Oct 2003
“Understood 2003” -- Cassius-King Gallery, San Diego, CA -- Oct 2003
“Leftside” -- Los Angeles, CA -- Sept 2003
“Canvas:Art on Skateboards by Skateboarders” -- dept. of Skateboarding, Portland, OR -- Aug 2003
“Grand Opening Art Show” -- Compound, Portland, OR -- Aug 2002

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Pamela Jaeger attended San Diego State University where she obtained a bachelor's degree in graphic design. She has studied drawing, painting,color theory, costuming and design. She finds inspiration for paintings in the fashion and beauty traditions of the past and also from childhood memories, writing short stories and using past and present journal writings to create a story of truth and fiction. Her paintings and illustrations have appeared in the LA Weekly, Murphy Design 2005 calendar, San Diego's CityBeat and on the cover of the Reader. Her paintings will also be featured in the upcoming Universal Pictures film, The Skeleton Key. Some previous shows include Planet Rooth, The Key Club, Copro Nason and La Luz de Jesus.

2005 -- La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles -- Utopia Calendar Show
2004 -- Copro/Nason Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles -- Age of Aquarius Show
2004 -- Copro/Nason Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles -- Krampus Show
2004 -- Key Club, Los Angeles -- solo show
2004 -- Thee Peanut Gallery, Los Angeles
2004 -- Planet Rooth, San Diego
2004 -- District 3, San Diego
2004 -- Ice Gallery, San Diego
2003 -- The Muse Gallery, San Diego

2005 -- San Diego Reader -- cover art
2004 -- Utopia Calendar artwork, Murphy Design
2004 -- Universal Pictures - artwork for film, The Skeleton Key
2004 -- L.A. Weekly -- Book review illustration
2004 -- San Diego CityBeat -- illustrations for restaurant review
2004 -- San Diego Fahrenheit Newspaper -- cover art
2003 -- San Diego Fahrenheit Newspaper -- cover art


Lives and works in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He likes warm weather and doesn't seem to mind the brown smoggy air. His imagery is rich with curiously strange personalities mixed and warped into natural things. Food, canibalism, death, sleep, dreams, trees, rocks, growth and young imagination seem to be themes that might be worked into one of his paintings, prints or sculptures.

“The Ninja Show” -- Nucleus, Alhambra, CA -- Jan 2005
“The Tree Show” -- Giant Robot, San Francisco, CA -- Jan 2005
“Manufactured Inspirato” -- Koo's, Long Beach, CA -- Dec 2004
“Tree Trimmings” -- Track 16, Santa Monica, CA -- Nov 2004
“Holiday Spectacular” -- Scribble Theory, Santa Ana, CA -- Nov 2004
“Chapter 10 Vol. 1” -- Subject Matter, Costa Mesa, CA -- Sept 2004
“Fish Out of Water” -- UNO, Los Angeles, CA -- Aug 2004
“Inbred” -- Junc. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA -- July 2004
“Giant Robot 10th Anniversary” -- GR2, W Los Angeles, CA -- July 2004
“Folk Ways” -- Giant Robot, San Francisco, CA -- June 2004
“Silent Majority” -- GR2, W Los Angeles, CA -- April 2004
“3 Minutes of Happiness” -- Selective Hearing Gallery, San Diego, CA -- April 2004
“Coming Soon” -- Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL -- April 2004
“Dress Up” -- Star Shoes, Hollywood, CA -- Feb 2004
“What's You 20” -- Impero Media Gallery, San Diego, CA -- Dec 2004
“Physical Context” -- Angel City, W Hollywood, CA -- Nov 2003
“Oiga” -- Ave 50 Studio, Los Angeles, CA -- Aug 2003

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