Statement 2

Voice 1156 Family Group Show
December 2 - 20
Opening reception Friday December 2nd, 2005
4:00pm - 11:00pm
Music Provided by: Diamond Dogs

This show is special for Voice 1156 because it showcases all the talented artists that work within the gallery. We will also be featuring two guest artists representing the Institute of Restorative Justice.

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Monica Hoover - Creative Director

For the past decade Monica Hoover has been working as a freelance fashion / lifestyle photographer. Currently residing in San Diego, Monica founded VOICE 1156 that co-exists as an art gallery and photography/design studio. Animal Rights enthusiast, and feminist at heart, she exercises and encourages the mantra, "practice creative activism"

Monica's artwork is a reflection of her concern for current social conditions as well as an expression of her photographic ethical values. Her former art training comes from her attendance at a fine-art based high school (Erie, PA) and then to Drexel University, (Phila, PA), where she chose to pursue architecture and photography. Her fine art work is a study in portraiture aiming to capture one's essence of being. Monica feels that her artwork has an intimate twist that questions mortality and is reflection of her sensibilities.

Neko - Curator

Neko is a self-taught artist who grew up in Golden Hill, moved to East County then back to Golden Hill. His many encounters with weak women with low self-esteem, drugs, and dirty money are his subjects. He is also known for his characters affectionately called "sluts". When Neko isn't painting he works construction, builds furniture, and occasionally likes to dip a toe in the sand at the beach.

Mike Maxwell - Curator

Born in 1979 art has been a part of Maxwell's life for as long as he can remember. Although self-taught he gained much of his inspiration from his Mother and Grandfather both talented artists. Mikes work has been shown nation wide and over seas at galleries in S.D., L.A., N.Y., S.F., Japan, and Australia.

Sharmila "Shar" Ray - Public Relations

Besides her love of shoes Shar loves art and has put her hand in the pot of many projects: directed the Vagina Monologues, worked as a curator for UCSD, films short films, paints on occasion even helped managed a hip-hop crew. She has a BA in Visual Arts Media from UCSD. She has now put her concentration on filmmaking: documentary and narrative. Currently she is shoting a documentry with the Golden Care Workforce, a non-profit organization in Golden Hill and music video with Cypher Optics a local MC.

I am still looking for my niche; I discover different talents everyday and get confused to what I should do. I have always loved watching movies and interested in the process of filmmaking. I felt like films were a really complicated-well-thought canvas. The only way I could describe my work is my investigation of truth.

Noah Spahn - Artist Correspondent

Noah Spahn is a painter with degree in Studio Arts from Biola University, a deep interest in several marked periods of Art History, and Artists ranging from Caravaggio to Immendorf.

His work is typically a veiled glimpse into some facet of his current musings. The mediums used vary as much as their application, whilst the human form is generally the vehicle. Themes may include transcendental aesthetics or the rejection of visceral urges amidst the complexities of commonplace social environs. He has also been known to produce the occasional 'automatic painting', the interpretation of which probably lies in the realm of his unconscious.

During his 25 year career, Spahn has worked as a commissioned limner, a 3D modeler (of architectural renderings), an aerosol muralist, graphic designer, creative consultant and advertising director (for Freeland Foods). He and his wife live and work in the San Diego area.

thatkidpeep - Entertainment Coordinator

"The process of creating ideas through art,whatever they may be; brings me happiness. Life will provide me with a handful of ups and downs that ultimately must be dealt with. The opportunity to express myself through creativity is all ups....something that I truly enjoy! It was a blast as a child and very much, still is to this day. As time passes, only one thing changes: the process,never the product...Happiness."

Rachel Faust - Events and Sponsorship Coordinator

Rachael Faust was born and raised in San Diego. After attending UCSD for 2 years, she felt an over whelming urge to escape. In 2001 she moved to Florence, Italy where she lived and studied photography and art history for the next year. She returned to San Diego and finished her degree at UCSD, graduating with a B.A. in Art History/Criticism and a minor in Photography. Rachael is currently the Director's Assistant at the University Art Gallery at UCSD. She is planning to return to school to obtain her M.A. in Curatorial Studies.

Photography has always been a side project for Rachael. Although her main efforts are focused on curating other people's art, she still indulges in the creation of her own. Her photographs focus on the contemporary landscape of progress and loss. Recording the signs of modernization left on the landscape, Rachael's photographs invest rather unconventional and often chaotic landscapes with a serene and surreal quality. She enjoys the experience of exploring an urban city and documenting the layers of change found within that city. An elusive sense of scale and ambiguous awareness of abstraction runs throughout all her images of construction and de-construction sites.

Fascinated with the “built environment” and areas in the process of transformation the images challenge the viewer to identify the meaning of architecture as monument and the impact of urban sprawl on the surrounding natural environment.

Bob Lajes - Photo Editor; Press Photo Requests

Bob Lajes was born in 1977. He grew up an only child in a middle class family in San Diego. He knew as a young boy that he was an artist. In grade school he spent his time drawing, learning about the masters, and mouthing off to his teachers. When Bob discovered photography in 1996, he found the perfect symbiosis of art and practicality. Bob received his bachelors degree in Fine Art from UCSD in 2005. Although his true love is photography, he delves into several mediums such as graphic design, sound and video, small installation, and silkscreen.

Justin Ternes - Superintendent

With nearly a decade of involvement in the glassing industry, Justin Ternes has worked closely with builders and shapers to manufacture thousands of surfboards. An experienced builder with an innate aptitude for design, Justin understands the process of surfboard production from beginning to end, and is aware that the surfing market is hungry for a product that transcends the standard white board and boring laminate. “Let's make a board that goes against the grain and give people what they really want.”

Chandu Reading - Sound System Provider/Gallery Assistant

Age: 27. Wife, 2 kids. Born and raised in San Diego. Started “Do The Math” in 1999, a poster and sticker campaign that has made it way from San Diego to Egypt and every place in between. Installation work featured in stencil books, magazines and local news. Featured artist in hand painted font book with Dave Kinsey, Tokeon Magazine with Shepard Fairey and a boatload of other junk, but more important than that is the future.


Brent Sandor - Graphic Design/Technical Support

Growing up in San Diego and influenced equally by the streets and nature, Brent's work is and oxymoron of grit and beauty. Bold beautiful colors coupled with grimy textures create a balance of beauty and ugly and invite the viewer not only to find beauty in the ugliness of the world, but also to look deeper into the beautiful, because “if you look hard enough, you can almost always find ugliness (usually sacrifice of human or natural resources or rights) in the process to create beauty. Brent's colors of pink and blue, mixed with earth tones can be seen in various shows and on the streets of southern California. Growing up in such a heavily action sports community has led Brent to a job as an illustrator and designer, contributing designs to Jedidiah Clothing, Planet Earth, Xcel Wetsuits, Academy Snowboards, various skateshops and others. Brent thanks his continuous inspirations… God, Andrea, Neko, Monica, DAC Project, Voice 1156, family, friends, Matt Stallings, snow/skate/surf communities, streets, nature, public art, sketchbooks, every artist struggling to make it and all of those who have.

Andrea S. Miller - Hair and Makeup Artist

Andrea S. Miller has hair running through her veins. Coming from a family of hairstylists in northern California, she basically grew up in salons. With a great love for the art and creative freedom of the salon industry Andrea knew this was exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. At the young age of sixteen she began school and finished an apprenticeship. By eighteen Andrea was on her own in San Diego. With eight years of experience she still has the same passion as when she began. She is inspired by many different artists she has worked with, gaining an abundance of knowledge along the way, and leading her to a very special artist and friend (who makes this all possible ) photographer Monica Hoover. When they began working together a whole new creative outlet was born for Andrea. Together they inspire each other creating editorial work including (most recently) the cover of City Beat magazine, Diverse Shoes advertising, and there own unique free time “fun shoots”. Andrea now resides at Magnolia Salon where she works with an incredible team of talented stylists who continue to make her job not even seem like work.

Robert Pardue - Technical Support/Gallery Assistant

Experimental computer illustrations; series of three to show the use of a computer in fine art. Not as a replacement for any traditional means of creating art. All three were done entirely on screen (no paper or pencil). Each piece deals with sex and conception when they are loveless.

Brian "BD" Dombrowsky - Gallery Assistant

I was raised in rural Oregon, after a fouryear Army enlistment; I attended Oregon State University, where I received a BFA in Fine Arts, and a BA in Graphic Design. My goal is to create work that is visually appealing, and accessible on different levels. The work is generally political or social in nature, but I do enjoy the outdoors and the vistas presented to us on a daily basis, and the framework it provides for our lives. All the work contains some sort of commentary; even the most straightfor ward landscape, every image tells a story, holds a meaning, every vista has a history. I want this work to hold the feeling that meaning, the shadow of a story, is there whether or not my perspective is readily identifiable. My style is derived from an interest in children's books; primers, comics, and stories; all the simple visual devices we use as a culture to educate and socialize ourselves.

Edward R. Johnsrud - Gallery Assistant

Edward R. Johnsrud was born on January 16th 1975 in the highly urbanized, 3rd world city of Olongapo, located in the Zambales Province of the Philippine Islands. The young grasshopper developed an over whelming passion for the martial arts early in his adolescence. It wasn't until his late teens that he became involved with other practitioners of various systems of fighting. It was at this time that he was exposed to the Chinese system of fighting called Wing Chun (Beautiful Springtime) Kung Fu. Wing Chun was developed by the Buddhist monks of Siu Lam other wise known as Shaolin, during the Ching or Manchu Dynasty (1644-1912), after the destruction of the sacred Shaolin Temples. The true purpose of Wing Chun was to facilitate the assassination of government officials effectively and efficiently. Elegant in its simplicity, it is purely a fighting system, nothing more. And so, the young grasshopper continues his journey, one technique at a time.

Ida Kay Khabazian - Gallery Assistant

San Diego native, Ida Kay Khabazian, has forever admired the art in reassembling different components of film and music to create an original piece. This interest, mixed with a great love for fashion, has inspired her to create Ida Kay, Interesting Delectable Apparel Keenly Altered for You.

Kevin Joelson - Gallery Assistant

26. SDSU Film Graduate. Professional Cinematographer / Freelance photographer. Co-Founder of mediamilitia and dothemath. Kevin's artistic background started in photography, which led to graphic design and now on to shooting films.
Marital Status: Happily married to wife Rebecca.
Favorite past time: Desert trips with good friends.
Recent Achievement: Showcased on TLC's Miami Ink for Diablo Dimes music videos.
In the Future: music videos for the Hieroglyphics and Del the Funky Homosapien.

Joseph Doucette - Gallery Assistant

San Diegan of twenty-three years. My current mission is to find homes for my DieKut friends. DieKuts are creatures created in the realm of graffiti. They hatch from cocoons and speak the DieKutish language. My creatures, like myself feel hungry for creative destruction. My goal is to open the eyes of people living monotonous lives, whether is be through legal or illegal means.

Eric Starkisian - Big Time Sponsor

Eric's medium is pottery. His inspiration stems from nature and organic material. Eric was raised by an artist mother, and a print maker father on a farm in Fresno. In addition to pottery, Eric has been a chef for 10 years and has worked in various fine-dining establishments. Eric and wife Keebria now own and run their own café called “Fuel for Your World” (Conveniently located next door to Voice 1156- Voice House Choice #1). He describes his work as non-objective, architectural, organic and constantly evolving. The clay tells him what it should be. He believes that it is the only medium that you have to have a solid communication with the clay.

Johanna Bernal - Intern

My art is definitely a reflection of my being. Composite characters are what I paint/illustrate; characters with combined attributes of different sources--that is the most honest description of both myself and the art I do. In Greek mythology they are called Chimera, a monstrous creature composed of parts of multiple animals. I am currently an art history major and have always been fascinated by characters like Pan, mermaids, and centaurs, scorpion-men depicted in Sumerian art, sphinxes, and the Buddhist gozu. Only in retrospect have I come to this realization of my affinity toward these of creatures. There isn't anything better than having the a little bit of ever ything, and that is what I live for.

I am also interested in philosophy and Catholicism. Mary is my idol. Simply put, drawing and painting people is what I do, but not so much their body's; I suppose it stems from laziness (or the above attempt to justify my laziness.)

They are shrimp people.

Clay "Claymation" Roberts - Gallery Assistant

I was born and raised in lovely San Diego. Moved a few times but always found my way back. Living next to OB is where you'll find me (barely). Love my vinyl. Inspired by so many things it's hard to narrow it down. Worked with mostly every medium except for oils. Have taken a liking to acrylics as of yet. Working everyday to progress into what I have always dreamed of being. Better not let you in on that just yet. My work is constantly evolving and I'm okay with that, sometimes. I wish to convey some message to anyone that glances at the art, positive and/or negative. Hopefully one will walk away and we'll talk another day.

Adam Wraight - Intern

Statement: I am a painting/printmaking major at San Diego State University. I started making stencils with faces of musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley to put on my friends surfboards. I am now using multiple color stencils on a larger scale to push the detail and depth of my paintings. I like to use images that are visually powerful, political, and sometimes historically accurate or from picture taken by me.

Guest Artists

Jesse Uht - Owner of Zachary Pryor
Jesse will be exhibiting unique styles of accessories for the truly fashion forward. The line of fully painted enamel-like earrings, canvas cuffs, belts and buckles and dog tag chains feature images of everything from flora and fauna to screaming comic book super villains to images of the citydwellers and hipsters that exist within his mind and on the streets of the many cities he has resided in. These pieces are completely unique and each one is a one-of-a-kind.

Statement: My work looks like me. It comes from me, my mind, from what I see and experience. While I'm sure that there are little inspirations in my subconscious, I can't really pinpoint my influences. Growing up alone in the great North Maine Woods with 2 amazing and talented parents that seemed to reject the rest of the world was certainly a huge influence.

Matej Stransky

Brynne Johannsen
Brynne Johannsen is a third year doctoral student in clinical psychology at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto. She traveled to Rwanda as part of a group mental health professionals to assist in teaching classes on trauma treatment at the National University in Butare. Brynne has been interested in genocide since a visit to a concentration camp outside of Vienna, Austria. She is particularly intrigued by what social contexts and personality variables contribute to enticing ordinar y people into committing acts of genocide. She views her trip to Rwanda as a life-changing experience, and is dedicated to continued involvement to ease the effects of genocide and to help prevent it from happening again.

Brynne became interested in photography during her undergraduate studies. She has greatly enjoyed making photography an important part of her life. Although her main love is psychology, she feels that photography gives her a different perspective to study human behavior. Brynne greatest joy is traveling the world, and it is during these travels that she photographs the cultures she visits, from architecture and nature to the candid moments of the people she sees.

Matej and Brynne represent The Institute of Restorative Justice:
The pending non-profit organization is created to apply the principles of restorative justice to reduce violence, restore the health and well being of sur vivors of violence, and strengthen communities and families by promoting broad-based accountability and responsibility for reversing the socioeconomic conditions that promote violence.

Current projects are focused on Improving Mental Health in Rwanda.

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