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MONICA HOOVER - Voice 1156 Family: Creative Director/Founder

Monica’s artwork is a reflection of her concern for current social condition as well as an expression of her photographic ethical values . When she was young her mother enrolled her in countless art programs. She continued on to a fine-art based high school and then to Drexel University, (Phila, PA.), where she chose to pursue architecture and photography. Her fine art work is a study in portraiture aiming to capture one's essence of being. Monica feels that her artwork has an intimate twist that questions mortality and is reflection of her sensibilities.

Artist Statement:
It is my intention and vision to educate through my artwork. I create to raise consciousness. Statement1 is the start of my anticipated photographic direction. Ignorance is bliss but education is empowerment. PRACTICE CREATIVE ACTIVISM.

JUSTIN TERNES - Voice 1156 Family: Superintendent

I grew up in Jamul far from civilization and surfing... I wanted to shape surfboards because there are only so many things my little brain could handle. I am in the process of finishing school at the University of Phoenix, which is always positive. Art class in middle school was my first memorable experience with art.  My mom and dad have always been a supportive influence towards everything I do.  I guess my favorite artists would include Flea and NOFX. Besides art I ride dirt bikes and talk shit.

Artist Statement:
My day job is my art and I get paid pretty well and everyone’s jealous of that Ha! Ha! Ha! I would describe my art as surfboards.

MIKE MAXWELL - Voice 1156 Family: Curator

I grew up in El Cajon, CA where I still live today. I have artists in the family so they are my major influences. I guess it I could have learned stuff quicker had it been taught to me as opposed to being self taught though trial and error...lots of error. Painting two oil landscape paintings with my grandfather and being super pissed because I could not draw as well as my mother are my earliest memories with art. My mother and grandfather were my biggest influence towards art, but currently I am feeling Paul Urich, Tiffany Bozic, Keegan McHargue, Matt Lienes, and David Ellis. When I am not painting I like to read and play poker.

Artist Statement:
I paint people.

CHRIS BRYANT - Voice 1156 Family: Construction & Demolition Crew/Assistant Photographer

Chris grew up on skateboard mags, working in skate shops, photo shops,even some construction, but it is in photography that he felt it was an easy way to express what he saw. Not being able to draw, Chris felt that producing documentary and skate photography was a good outlet for his feelings.  The use of self-reflection is a revolving theme to his pieces. Chris likes to take pictures of weird subjects. He also likes the color pink, golfing, skating; he is a self -taught photographer, and a maniac.  Chris’s work has been featured in “Hamburger Eyes and “The Journal”

Artist Statement:
“The Miller Thriller”

CRYSTAL BARNES - Voice 1156 Family: Gallery Assistant

Artist Statement:
I don’t think myself as an "artist". I take pictures because I enjoy it. I sew and do crafts as a hobby. I don’t do it as a living; it is just a personal thing.

BRENT SANDOR - Voice 1156 Family: Creative Resource

Brent’s love for art and interest in the action sport industry has lead him to a job as an illustrator for Jedidiah. His friend “Dave” and his Grandfather, who is also an artist has influenced him to persue a career in graphic art.  Although his work doesn’t have a label, he credits color and line, and the emotions that people feel through its effects as influences for his pieces.  He has also been putting together a freelance art company named “Dying Art Collective”.  He wants to build a future for new artists by finding freelance work for them and by building a collective in which artists could bounce ideas off of each other.  Brent also enjoys eating grilled cheese sandwiches, surfing, snowboarding, hanging out, doodling and collecting Star Wars toys.

Artist Statement:
I want people to understand my work right away and not have to look so hard for the concept.  I aspire to have people that don’t necessarily like art to understand my work.  I am not so concerned about money.  I’m just interested in the process of creating artwork.  I would like people to look at my work and think, “I could have done that but I never would have thought to do that.”

RENEE FLEMING - Voice 1156 Family: Support Team/"The Go To"

I grew up in Arizona on a dairy farm.  Some of my first paintings had a definite southwest influence.  My son, Seth Sabal, has been my greatest influence.  Through his photography, I began thinking about composition, colors, sights that would make good pictures. With my photography training, I decided that maybe I could paint and Seth bought my first canvas.  My inspiration, to a degree, is found in stencil graffiti that probably originated in San Diego.  I am attracted to the tension that is created by contradiction.  By limiting the colors in my palette, I create both clarity and ambiguity.  The colors I use are contemporary and intense, however, the paint itself is made in the tradition of the earliest temperas.  My subjects are usually icons of he 40’s and 50’s pop culture; as a result of their saturated colors, they become vibrantly modern and confrontational.

Artist Statement:
My contribution for the Voice 1156 group show is a small tribute to Christopher Reeve and his advocacy of stem-cell research.  In addition, action heroes promote the concept of good prevailing over evil-which I believe is true.

GRANT REINERO - Voice 1156 Family: Creative Resource

Grant is always surprised at what appeals to him; he is fascinated and overwhelmed by details. He built a pinhole camera as a 4th grade project but didn't take photography seriously. He won a blue ribbon at the Del Mar Fair when he was 10. Everything since then has been less exciting. Grant has been very lucky to work with an amazing number of incredible talents. The artwork he produces is in part homage to his former employers and artist who have been patient enough to show him some tricks. His work could be described as a commentary on the balance of opposites. The play between light and dark, up and down, sexy and somber, good and evil.

Artist Statement:
I take photos in attempt to control my environment and to impose my will on reality. I am driven to do this because the world scares and taunts me. I show my photos to others to get feedback and a sense of accomplishment. I am compelled to do this because I am basically insecure and in need of praise.

NEKO - Voice 1156 Family: Construction & Demolition Crew

Neko is a self-taught artist who grew up in Golden Hill, moved to East County then back to Golden Hill.  His many encounters with weak women with low self-esteem, drugs, and dirty money are his subjects.  He is also known for his characters affectionately called “sluts”.  When Neko isn’t painting he works construction, builds furniture, and occasionally likes to dip a toe in the sand at the beach.

Artist Statement:
You have to suffer to sing the blues

AMES - Voice 1156 Family: ConstructiOn & Demolition Crew/House Illustration

Raised in the east part of San Diego, Ames is a true product of his environment. His influences come from being surrounded by prostitution, drug pushers, gang affiliations and graffiti. He was sick of getting in trouble and wanted to make money with art; 5 years ago he became a tattoo artist.  Ames likes black and grey tattooing, painting in acrylics, watercolor and aerosol.  He enjoys black and gray California prison artwork.  You could find him inking people up at S.D. Tattoo and Body Marks.

Artist Statement:
My inspiration is to come up in life. “Support my art because I need another low rider.”

AMANDA FAIREY - Voice 1156 Family: Creative Resource

The work that Amanda creates is directed around a multimedia platform. Influenced by everything including the grittiness of the street to commercial ads, she creates an experimental hodgepodge of 2D work. A lingering complexity that started with mixed media work, Amanda spends most of her time now curating exhibitions and managing  “Studio Number One” and “Subliminal Projects Gallery” in Los Angeles. Originating in San Diego, Amanda has worked in the arts for six years. The combination of the study of fine arts and economics has lead her to a handfuls of shows and the opportunity to have worked side by side with numerous well known artists.

Artist Statement:
I am not an “artist”, artist.  I am an artist that likes to protect other artists.  I have gained knowledge on copyright and various artists’ laws.  Now, I want to understand the process and the passion of creating so I can relate to artists and find the right values.

SHAR RAY - Voice 1156 Family: Public Relations

Shar has done many different “things”: directed the Vagina Monologues, worked as a curator for UCSD, filming short films, paints on occasion even helped manage a hip-hop crew. After a lot of pressure from her parents she earned a BA in Visual Arts Media from UCSD. As a young girl her father would watch Star Wars with her and her sister and explain the philosophy of “the Force” and she knew that a particular movie would always mean something to somebody.

Artist Statement:
I am still looking for my niche; I discover different talents everyday and get confused to what I should do. I have always loved watching movies and interested in the process of filmmaking.  I feel like films are complicated-well-thought canvases.  The only way I could describe my work is my investigation of truth.

JACK VARAH - Voice 1156 Family: Construction Consultant

Born in 1959 in a remote, rural area of western Nebraska, most of my youth was spent in outdoor activities on our farm and ranch.  I moved to California after high school and attained degrees in Commercial Diving, Physics and Earth Sciences (UCSD) which resulted in an array of careers: Deep Sea Diving, Geophysics, Oceanography, Marine Surveying, General Engineering Contracting and presently Aerospace. During the past five years I have become especially interested and active in creating three-dimensional paintings incorporating metal features and frames.  These pieces range up to eight feet in dimension and have the unique ability to be freestanding or hung to span corners and add dimension to flat walls. The painting media is generally acrylic or oil and has aquatic and landscape themes with an abstract flavor. I have had several art shows in my home and presently have my display locally at Ambers Artistry in North Park.

Artist Statement:
I have continued my artistic interests throughout my career transformations and have always been a hands-on person.  These artistic endeavors include metal sculptures, woodworking, landscaping, water fountains and various fine art media.

BRIAN DOMBROWSKY - Voice 1156 Family: New Addition

Artist Statement:
My work seeks to comment on contemporay global and local events. Using an illustrational style learned from the primers and stories used in my socializtion. Their Didactic and iconic nature can contain volumes of information.

EMIL WERY - Voice 1156 Family: Concrete Floor Construction Consultant

Abstract painting expressing things that are hard to explain is what Emil describes his work as.  He wants to hit random, and raw emotions instead of using words or factual terminology. 

Artist Statement:
I don’t want to generalize my work on a specific subject and style.  I always want to evolve and change.  Switch it up and differentiate pieces as much as possible.

THATKIDPEEP - Voice 1156 Family: Construction & Demolition Crew/House Musical Director

Originally born and raised in North Carolina, Peep has always had a need to create or dismantle things since he was a wee lad.  He began to notice that he had a certain knack for making something out of nothing. Two people in particular encouraged him beyond the norm. Uncle G.J. and Aunt Kay took him on trips to credible museums, constantly questioning his actions to exercise his brain, and even sat down with him on visits to pick up the pen and join the party.  Peep is a self-taught artist with the desire for constant education.

Artist Statement:
It’s up to the individual to decide what’s best for them and take control. “Just enjoy the ride.” it’s just that I like to be the driver. “There are many amazingly creative people but to interact physically with another person that inspires you is one of the greatest things ever. If you have ever worked with me on a personal level, then you are my favorite artist(s).” I have shown and sold my work from east to west coast and even on some islands in the Caribbean. I aim to spread my work out as much as possible thus allowing me another opportunity to see new places, meet new faces, and search out new inspirations so that I may continuously feed the fire! Stay tuned…

NOAH SPAHN - Voice 1156 Family: Creative Executioner

Born in the North Park area of San Diego, yet spent a substantial amount of time in various parts of the West Indies, Jalisco and Mexico D.F. -Noah's mindset has always been more global than local, yet deeply rooted in San Diego. Noah has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Biola University, where he also taught an upper level course in printmaking. His experience in art ranges from teaching to entrepreneurial endeavors such as murals and commissioned portraits. He works as a cocinero, digital post-production artist and runs Sieben Design. In his scheduled recreation time he enjoys cycling, surfing, skateboarding, reading and studying new computer languages. Noah has had several art expositions in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Artist Statement:
My creativity stems from my contemplative nature: always thinking, processing, philosophizing and often overanalyzing.

JOLENE SAMUEL - Voice 1156 Family: House Stylist

Jolene describes herself as a girl that played dress up and never grew up.  She loves playing with clothes and is influenced by travel and culture and inspired by fabulous designers. Her father has influenced her in her love for clothes, he believed,”that dressing nice means that you had it together and to look your best everyday because you don’t know when it will be your last.” Being the only girl in her family dress up was her escape.

Artist Statement:
Traveling is my influence. Different states, cultures, people, and A Valentino dress inspire me.

CHANDU - Voice 1156 Family: Emotional Support

Chandu is a freelance graphic design artist.  He has always liked stickers, posting and street art, and felt that those things were “cool” forms of graffiti.  He feels that urban art gets more images across to a wider spectrum of people than just painting.  Riding the bus and trolley as a kid got him into creating street art. When he isn’t creating Chandu likes to ride motorcycles and play with his kids. Chandu has worked for Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, has had work displayed in the Museum of Modern Art: New York, “Beautiful Decay” magazine, Modest Behavior and tons of other shows.

Artist Statement:
Less is more is how I describe my art.  I believe that my work is based on symbolism.  My work is simple but they are filled with messages.  Traveling is great, but not on my motorcycle.

ANDREA MILLER - Voice 1156 Family: House Hair & Makeup Artist/Demolition Crew

Northern California native, Andrea stems from a family of Hair and makeup artists. Being exposed to the salon atmosphere was a fun and exciting place to be. She was able to experience the gratification of transforming people, since then she has always enjoyed doing hair. She has been working professionally for 8 years and at various salons in San Diego including “Hey Saylor” Salon; currently she is at “Magnolia” Salon. She believes that hairstyling is a laid back profession with an entrepreneurial spirit.   She can be creative, and stylish with the freedom of having her own business and making her own schedule.

Artist Statement:
Hair styling is an overlooked art form. My style consists of versatile colorful contrasting colors, and bold geometric cutting and texture.

KRYSTINA GRAMMATICA - Voice 1156 Family: House Fashion Designer

Krystina’s talent extends from dance, to deejaying, to making clothes.  Her background is Brooklyn, NY and Athens, Greece based; now living in San Diego for six years, her Greek and New York energy and passion for creating has come full circle.  She is one of the founders of Wearhaus, and a part of Tread Collective, and teaches at the Museum School. Krystina creates beautiful, original pieces of clothing and purses. Her work can be found at “Home” in Encinitas and “Tread Air” in Hillcrest.  She also enjoys making special custom-fit clothing and purses.

Artist Statement:
I love finding what is available to me.  My designs are created on the spot; inspired by fabrics and objects I have at the time. I love bright colors, using belts, chopsticks, personal computer boards and anything else I can find and incorporate into a design.

ERIC STARKISIAN - Voice 1156 Family: Big Time Sponsor

Eric’s medium is pottery. His inspiration stems from nature and organic material. Eric was raised by an artist mother and a print maker father on a farm in Fresno. In addition to pottery, Eric has been a chef for 10 years and has worked in various fine dining establishments. Eric and wife Keebria now own and run their own cafe called “Fuel for Your World” (Conveniently located next door to Voice 1156 - Voice House Choice #1). He describes his work is non objective, architectural, organic and constantly evolving. The clay tells him what it should be. He believes that it is the only medium that you have to have a solid communication with the clay.

Artist Statement:
I create for myself, not for money, or other people, but for my inner cravings.