Voice 1156 is proud to present My Fellow Americans
New works and installation by
Brent Sandor and Matt Stallings

August 4 - 25
Opening reception Friday August 4, 2006
4:00pm - 11:00pm
Music provided by Diamond Dogs

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm;
Saturday - Monday by appointment

Visit the archive to view artwork and merchandise that was available during the My Fellow Americans show.

Current American culture is divided by those individuals who aspire to set themselves apart from commonalty knowingly or unknowingly all while aspiring to find their position in the world. More often than not, the identities of these individuals are seen as radicals, outsiders, or counter-cultural subversives that usually become consumed by the masses and appropriated by corporate mass media and mass marketing campaigns. Americans tend to admire the unique individual, but ironically many often try to emulate their heroes, who ultimately become American icons.

Brent Sandor and Matt Stallings find inspiration in American icons, the true outcasts and outsiders; and explore the interplay between these two seemingly contradictory roles. Sandor and Stalling's observations of American culture are presented in the exhibition My Fellow Americans hosted at the VOICE 1156 Gallery August 4-25, 2006.

Sandor presents a range of tiny to massive scale drawings, prints, and paintings. Just as diverse as American culture itself, Sandor's work is equally a diverse mixture of style, theme, and medium. Although his works are all quite different, they all share similar characteristics – backgrounds, vector lines, and color. “My art is a personal expression influenced by consumer and pop culture,” explains Sandor. These oddities and events are Sandor's highlights that he feels help shape American culture. In this exhibition Sandor will feature portraits of American people, famous and not; pieces inspired by his daily experiences; and others inspired by consumerism, signage, and mass marketing.

Stallings presents a body of acrylic and mixed media paintings on canvas and panel. His work features American idols and the manmade products we are exposed to and overwhelmed with daily. One of Stallings' works depicts the American icon Johnny Cash. Cash is presented in a portrait from the chest up and is pouring out red, white, and blue. Cash was a rebel in his day, a true individual raging against the norm. Through his individuality Cash was able to make an impact on the world of rock and roll and soon became an icon that people began to model themselves and music after. Through his individuality Cash became an integral part of American culture. Stallings explains, “Everyone wants to be someone in this American culture. My paintings grab hold of what you see everyday and twist the dreams and reality of what I interpret is going on.” There will be a piece in the show featured on art-opp.com that will be available to win by purchasing a $35 limited edition t-shirt or a $10 charitable ticket entry. The site will be launched in August 2006.

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Raised in San Diego, Brent Sandor's artwork is influenced equally by the streets and by nature; an oxymoron of grit and beauty. Bold colors coupled with grimy textures invite the viewer to experience balance. Sandor concludes, “If you look hard enough, you can almost always find ugliness in the process that creates beauty.” There isn't a medium Sandor is not willing to try and eventually abuse. Sandor's art can be seen in various art shows, clothing, printed goods, and the streets of southern California. Growing up in the action sports community and fusing it with his love of art, Sandor currently works as an illustrator and designer, contributing designs to companies such as Jedidiah Clothing, Planet Earth, Xcel Wetsuits, Academy Snowboards, and various skate shops. Sandor is one of the original founders of the dying art collective, a VOICE 1156 compatriot, and Libre soldier. These creative outlets allow Sandor to keep his skills sharp while exhibiting art to the mass consumer, and constantly growing as an artist and designer.

Sandor thanks his continuous inspirations God, Andrea, Neko, Monica, DAC Project, Voice 1156, Jedidiah, Libre Design, family, friends, snow/skate/surf communities, streets, nature, graffiti, sketchbooks, every artist struggling to make it and all of those who have.



Born in the small town of Ojai in Ventura County, Matt Stallings has been in the creative art field since 1999, experimenting with prints, motion graphics, and web design. His steppingstone into the art world was Dialogue: The fine art of conversation published by Mark Murphy in 2004. Dialogue is a 308 page hardbound collection that feautures over 100 found notes, poems, and scribbles in relation to 68 inspirational paintings and artist interpretations. Stallings background in painting has always been more of a “learn by doing” process. He started getting serious with his paintings in 2003, finding that his creative energy exceeded beyond designing with computers. Stallings enjoys painting on all kinds of mediums and materials with acrylic paint, spray cans, and India ink. Most of Stallings paintings focus on things that people classify as uncomfortable, offbeat, simple, and unpopular. He finds inspiration from everyday life and the strange events in life. Once he saw a homeless man with a beer belly and a mini skirt holding a sign that said, "Need money for a sex change I'm not hungry." “I like these things about our world both cruel and comedic,” explains Stallings.

With a strong background in graphic design and web development Stallings has recently become a co-partner with his brother Jeromy Stallings in a San Diego based web agency called ninthlink.com. Ninthlink is an interactive design, development, and marketing agency with a strong focus on converting their clients overall success. They currently work with such companies as Rubio's, Qualcomm, Sundance Spas, and many more. Stallings has exhibited his work throughout San Diego and Los Angeles at such galleries as The Abbey Church, San Diego, CA; Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; and La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, CA.


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