I Remember When We Held the World

April 1 - 29
New work by P-Jay Fidler and Travis Chatham
Opening Reception Friday April 1st 2005
4:00pm - 11:00pm

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Studying illustration from Art Center College of Design, P-Jay learned to tell stories thoroughly through imagery. Being raised in a small farm community in central California, he was very influenced by his childhood surroundings. From the use of animal imagery, landscapes, and religious iconography combined with his love of Flemish paintings, vintage children's books and contemporary graphic design his work is disturbing yet coincidentally beautiful. A non-linear storyline of Life, Love and Death, one we can all relate and contribute to.

P-Jay Fidler works and lives in Los Angeles. His work has been shown in galleries and publications across the country.

“4” -- Froden Gallery -- Los Angeles CA

“Artistic Utopia” -- La Luz De Jesus -- Los Angeles CA
“Tree Trimings” -- Track 1 Gallery -- Santa Monica CA
“Suburban” -- 1300 Gallery -- Cleveland OH
“Tall Stories” -- Wignall Museum -- Rancho Cucamonga CA

“Up Our Sleeves” -- Los Angeles CA
“Timeless” -- Limbo Fine Art -- San Diego CA
“A Day On The Lawn” -- Froden Gallery -- Los Angeles CA
“Everything but the Kitchen sink” -- La Luz De Jesus -- Los Angeles CA

“Robots have Feelings Too” -- Culture Cache Gallery -- San Francisco CA
"The Hello Show” -- Tree House Gallery -- Los Angeles CA
“Everything but the Kitchen sink” -- La Luz De Jesus -- Los Angeles CA

“Super Hero” -- New Image Art -- Los Angeles CA
“”Broken Wrist Project” -- Gallery 835 -- Los Angeles CA
“Uncommercial Art By Commercial Artists” -- La Luz De Jesus -- Los Angeles CA

“Paintaholics” -- New Image Art -- Los Angeles CA
“Four Motion” -- La Luz De Jesus -- Los Angeles CA

“No Springs Honest Weight” -- Wake Me When I'm Famous Gallery --Los Angeles CA

P-Jay Fidler's art is a story unfolding on canvas, a story that can only be created by the individual. In P-Jay's work, the viewer is as important to the story as the painting itself, because the audience brings with themselves a major part of the story. The results are often surreal, ambiguous, and very much familiar. His work reflects a mixture of adolescent archetypes with the dark psychological aspects of the human condition. These images, juxtaposed against his signature landscapes, combine together a piece of art work that is truly awe inspiring and thought provoking, all the while leaving the audience with more insight and questions about the work as well as themselves.



Born and raised in the pudgy little town of La Canada, CA. all Travis did, as a kid was draw, skateboard, and listen to lots of music. He had three life goals: 1. Be a Rock Star. 2. Be an artist. 3. Be a Professional Skater. Well, he ate too much food to be a Pro Skater. He is still working on being a Rock Star. And as far as an artist, he graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design; in Pasadena CA. Travis is now an illustrator and fine art painter. His influences are artists: Egon Shiele, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Tony Hawk, Animal Chin, The Clayton Bros., Jason Holley, Owen & Aaron Smith, Mucha, and many more. (To receive a full list, send $1 and a S.A.S.E to 934...) When he isn't painting, he is probably skating, rockin', or enjoying life with his wife. Thanks.

Higley's House -- La Canada, CA -- Aug 2002
"Robots Have Feelings Too" -- Culture Cache, San Francisco, CA -- April 2003
"Art Again" -- Creative Arts Group -- Sierra Madre, CA -- Jan 2003
The Wine Room -- Irvine, CA -- March 2003
"Mean Streets" -- Art Coalition Gallery -- Hollywood, CA -- April 2003
"Dome Piece" -- Objex Art Space -- Miami, FL -- May 2003
"Fame/Infamy" -- Art Coalition Gallery -- Hollywood, CA -- May 2003
"Feathered Friends" -- Motel Gallery -- Portland, Oregon -- July 2003
“Broken Wrist Project-Book #2 release party” -- The Abbey -- San Diego CA -- July 2003
"The Hello Show" -- Treehouse Gallery -- Los Angeles, CA -- Sept 2003
"Breaker Breaker" -- Broken Wrist Project event -- Atlanta, GA -- Oct 2003
“Oshkin Events presents: "Footprints" -- Star Shoes -- Hollywood, CA -- Dec 2003
“Oshkin Events presents: "Pens and Pianos" -- Hollywood, CA -- Jan 2004
"A Day On the Lawn" -- Froden Gallery -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 2004
Up Our Sleeve -- Hollywood CA
"Two Steps Back" -- 55DSL (Traveling exhibit) -- 2004-2005
“No Hard Feelings”-- Broken Wrist Project -- San Diego, CA -- 2004
“Tree Trimmings” -- Bergamont Station -- Track 16 -- Santa Monica, CA -- Dec 2004


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