VOICE 1156 is a collective of individuals who are passionate about innovative fine arts and the potential for expanding the San Diego arts community. VOICE 1156 opened in September 2004 under the direction of Monica Hoover and Justin Ternes.

VOICE 1156 plays a dual role as both a Gallery and Studio space. The VOICE 1156 Gallery exhibits painting, sculpture, installations, and photography with featured artists changing monthly. The Gallery focuses on cutting edge urban/underground art being created in San Diego and throughout the US. Featuring work by a variety of celebrated, controversial, and unknown artists, the Gallery aims to broaden the San Diego art scene and bring urban/underground artists and counterculture to the masses. The VOICE 1156 Studio provides a space for artists to congregate and collaborate. The studio is not only used by the collective of artists who help run VOICE 1156, but is open to artists throughout the San Diego community.

Every exhibition at the Gallery depicts a theme or a significant message. The Gallery looks for artists whose work is not only visually appealing but also functions as a relevant social commentary. Your voice as an artist is your medium, a variety of mediums exist for you to express that voice, but the statement that the work conveys is what makes it important. The name of the gallery promotes this idea. Voice comes from a quote by suffragist leader Alice Paul, “A voice is a vote”; 1156 is the gallery’s address. The Gallery is a space to present the voices or statements of artists.

The Gallery is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

“VOICE 1156’s curators Monica Hoover, Mike Maxwell and Neko Burke, are filling a void in a local gallery scene that’s neither as consistent nor as progressive as one might hope. Though San Diego has several smart, provocative galleries and art collectives, for the most part less-established artists and galleries lack the resources to put on regular shows.” - CityBeat San Diego, January 2005 Article.

“The art exhibited at Voice 1156 Gallery bursts with an exuberance that shares next to nothing with the scenes that typically occupy the walls of the multi-story condos and soaring high-rises surrounding its downtown San Diego location. But that’s exactly the point.” - Riviera Magazine, April 2006.