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Platinum Awards: Best Art Gallery - VOICE 1156, 944 San Diego (January 2006)
"If you are looking for a new, racy twist on the arts, Voice 1156 is the place to satisfy your visual thirst. This Downtown San Diego art gallery provides space for artists to congregate and collaborate in a diverse environment. Featured artists change monthly, and the gallery has everything from painting to sculpture to photographs from contributors who truly believe in expanding the San Diego Arts community. Founder and Creative Director Monica Hoover thinks of it as a place to "practice creative activism." Due to the gallery's assortment of artists and collaborations, Voice 1156 is often considered controversial; yet 944 readers consider it to be among the city's best. Visit the gallery's Web site at for upcoming events and new collections, as checking out this unique downtown space is a great way to spend an afternoon."

Platinum Awards: Best Photographer - Monica Hoover, 944 San Diego (January 2006)
"If you are looking for a photographer with a conscience, your best choice in San Diego is Monica Hoover. Very rarely does one person's personal expression and beliefs, have such a large effect on their community as Hoover's has. Founder of San Diego's Voice 1156, Hoover is a freelance fashion and lifestyle photographer as well as an animal rights activist. Her artwork is a reflection of her concern for current social conditions and ethical values. The photographs question mortality reflecting her sensibilities. Hoover's intention and vision is to "educate through my artwork... to raise consciousness." Hoover possesses a rare talent; she is a professional who not only does art for art's sake, but she also creates inspiring and thought-provoking pieces. You will be in awe of of each photograph's beauty and message."


There are no future events to report at this time.


VOICE 1156 collaborated with THREAD and curated the art at their September 2005 show. THREAD is San Diego's premiere fashion and lifestyle event. Featuring more than 100 emerging designers, THREAD offers savvy men and women the chance to flaunt truly original style in their wardrobes and homes. But that's not all. THREAD bumps it up with runway shows, a curated art exhibit, DJs, a martini bar and much more. More information.

Exit Six Auction - 10/2005 Auction to help fund Virginia Skatepark. VOICE 1156 artists participated in this charity art show to help raise money for a skate park. Art was donated by the artists. More information.

VOICE 1156 curator and artist Mike Maxwell participated in Keep a Breast, an exhibition of breast casts created on volunteers from New York and California and painted by today's most progressive artists. The casts will be auctioned online, all proceeds will benefit the Keep A Breast Youth Awareness Program. More information.